Gina Fong Seidler

Phone: 510-757-FONG (3664)         Email: Moraga, CA

Original art, gicleés and custom pieces for your home or business are available. Mandalas and sacred art also make wonderful gifts!

I am also available to teach workshops at retreat centers or your home.   Please call or send me an email if interested, I’d love to collaborate with you!

One thought on “CONTACT

  1. Gina, I finally read your article in Cosmic Cowgirls and, I love it! Half way through it occurred to me, you’re the Gina that was in Kate’s class with me, and took the photos! I had an aborted attempt at my WordPress website…will try again…and, get back to writing my book, and, start doing public speaking! Great to meet you!

    if you know anyone who can ‘tutor’ me in wordpress so I can really tackle it myself…that’d be great!

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