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My name is Gina “g-flow” Fong Seidler. I am an artist, teacher and student of  life. I believe we are all Artists, Dancers, Warriors and Healers and that NOW more than ever, it is critical to carve out time for our souls to create Sacred Art. My focus is healing myself and others through all forms of intentional art and dance connected to Spirit. I love creating playful, safe environments designed to inspire creativity, transformation and  healing. Committed to authentic communication, outrageous self-expression and profound relatedness for all living beings, it is my hope to inspire you to have fun while co-creating with the Divine.  Finding inspiration everywhere, I always remember to look within to find the juicy voice of my muse. I am a free spirit, living an artful life, one day at a time, with the loves of my life, my husband Jason Seidler, and my son Zacky Sage and  our zany, community of  huggers,  in Northern California.  I feel deep gratitude daily for all of my blessings.

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